This is a schematic overview of the SETI receiving station.

Click on each component to view more details or follow related links on bottom of the page.





1420 MHz direct conversion receiver

Analog to Digital conversion

Data acquisition system

GPS receiver

System performances, in terms of Noise Figure (or Equivalent Noise Temperature ) and intermodulation resistance, expressed by IP3 parameter,  are calculated using relevants measured values ( NF and IP3 ) of each component. Click on following image to enlarge :

System_performance_doublesm.gif (9798 byte)



For our current project I would like to give my special thanks to:

Giuseppe Fornero,who decided to start with me this fashinating project.

Carl Sagan, for let me to discover the SETI.

Claudio Maccone, who transmit me a part of his enthusiasm for SETI.

Stelio Montebugnoli and his "SETI team", for their support in developing our receiver project.

Gianni, Romano, Marco and all Urania Association folks, who believe in our crazy project and gave us support developing mechanical parts and hospitality to our bulky equipments at their great astronomical observatory site.

Renato, for his precious help in " heavy jobs ".

Bruno, Daniele, Salvatore, Silvio and Stefano for their support in mechanics and to push up the dish.

Osvaldo Bartolucci, for its precious indication to pass through burocracy.

Regione Piemonte, for its economical contribution to acquire parts and expensive equipments necessary to build the receiver.