The antenna is a parabolic meshed dish with a diameter of 4m and a 0.46 F/D ratio.

It comes from an obsolete repeater link and its maximum usable frequency is around 1600MHz, due to its mesh maximum dimension.

The gain estimated is around 32 dBi with a beam width of   3 degrees at 1420 MHz.

Here below you can see a picture relative to the dish installation over the 4 meters high tower, with the new azimuth/elevation motorized mounting that, with the aim of a computer control, will allows a fine tracking of celestial sources :

azelevsm.JPG (7282 byte) azimsm.JPG (6863 byte) elev1sm.JPG (6935 byte) feedhsm.JPG (5421 byte) ontowersm.JPG (5328 byte)
Azimuth-elevation mounting Azimuth rotating table Elevation movement parts Scalar ring Feedhorn Final positioning operations


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