January 2007 1296 MHz SSB EME contest
Recordings of EME signals  
Jan. 2007 SSB 1296MHz contest



A big dish means also...SSB via the Moon !
We didn't miss this opportunity of fun.
Also this time the station were still "work in progress".
On saturday 27th Jan. afternoon, when contest was already started, we were still testing the new TH308 power amplifier.

Herebelow some images of a real "on the field" testing and finally operating on the band.

From left, IK1MTZ (Diego) and IK1YWB (Marcello) connecting PA power supply IW1AZJ (Silvio) and IK1MTZ testing new equipment under the dish. Connecting the RF part to the power supply. IK1EGC (Daniele) fixing the Bird power meter in a very dangerous way !
Three RF cavities under test: two with TH308 and a 2C39 driver. Finally on the air ! IK1YWB recording files on the PC and IK1MTZ on SSB .